Natural Soap

Natural Soap

Artisan, manufacturer of natural soaps in different forms: small soaps, natural soap tablets, soap bars, soap plates etc...
We concoct natural, original, colourful and fragrant recipes to...

Natural Soap
Flowers Soap

Bouquets and soap flowers, ideal as gifts for Valentine's Day, weddings, christenings...

They look like real flowers, just throw a few petals of these soapy flowers in the hot water of the bathtub and let yourself be carried away by their fragrant aroma and relaxation. 

An original product, any occasion is perfect to relax in your bath or shower amidst scented flower petals.

Dedicate a small corner to them in your shop, they will sell themselves.

Soap paper

Soap paper presented in a pocket case so that your customers, wherever they are, will never be without hand soap. 

Cherry, blueberry, lemon... a wide variety of flavours and pretty little boxes.

Place it in your shop at the front of the cash register and its price and its essential nature will seduce all your customers.

Tablets "Natural Soap"

Handcrafted soaps made from natural vegetable oils and cold saponified according to a traditional process handed down from generation to generation.

These vegetable-based handmade soaps are full of properties to take care of all types of skin.

Handmade soap 1 250kg

Handcrafted soaps totally free of palm oil and cold saponified according to a traditional process handed down from generation to generation.

Made from plants, these 1.25 kg handmade soaps are made to order and you can choose from 23 different models: lavender, rosemary, honey, vanilla... 

Solid Shampoo

Formulated in our laboratories with plant extracts and avocado, coconut, almond, argan or olive oils, and enriched with essential oils, they are fantastic for all types of hair: oily, dry, dandruff...

100% natural, solid shampoos do not attack the hair fibre with synthetic products, which can be toxic for the scalp. 

Each soap weighs between 70 and 80g.

Small Soaps

A whole collection of small soaps in all colours, which you can use as goodies for your guests or clients during events (wedding, conference...)

or to decorate spas and bathrooms.

Sponge Soap

Sponge soap with natural glycerine, 2 products in 1 (soap + sponge).

The sponge with soap inlay is one of the most original soaps in our soap department. 

It has attractive colours and a strong aroma. Round soaps impregnated with natural vegetable glycerine soap.

By rubbing just a little on the skin, it generates a large amount of foam, very aromatic. It is ideal for any occasion and children will love it.

They come in a tube of 5. Supplied in packs of 5 bars (100gr. each).

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