Stones and Silver

Stones and Silver

Minerals are charged with energy. for thousands of years  they have been used for healing and...

Stones and Silver

Certified 925 hallmark silver. We have a wide variety of original silver pendants, bracelets and more pieces for any final public: Fatima's hand, tree of life, wish bottles, mandalas... Have a look at the whole collection.

Silver is always a ideal for any occasion, you can wear it daily it always fit well with everything everywhere.

You can not miss it!

Jewellery and Precious...

Mix the benefits of beautiful and energetics stones with the elegance of silver.

Will give to that unic jewels character and ou wil be able to wear it fo all kind of events or every day 

Silver and stone are timeless accessories that never go out of fashion. Silver suits all ages and styles.

In solid silver our pieces will be an asset in your shop. These little jewels will sell themselves.

Decorative Gems Stones

We offer you cut stones which, in addition to their energetic power, will decorate your environment whether it is your living room, your bedroom or your office.
These delicately cut stones will bring you well-being and satisfaction.


Lithotherapy is the healing of stones. Based on the subtle influence that minerals can bring.
Minerals have an energy with very marked characteristics depending on their composition and crystallisation, a stable energy which is used to influence our body in a subtle way and obtain improvements.
The action will take place in our system of subtle energies which are related to the type of energy of the stone, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
Depending on our needs, to restore harmony, to "heal" a problem, to help for example against digestive disorders, against stress, to promote healing, to reduce pain, to energise an organ, to find sleep, to fight against migraines, to allow us to have a good night's rest, ... The field of applications has no limits.

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