Tablets "Natural Soap"

Tablets "Natural Soap"

Handcrafted soaps made from natural vegetable oils and cold saponified according to a traditional process handed down from generation to generation.

These vegetable-based handmade soaps are full of properties to take care of...

Tablets "Natural Soap"
Coconut-based soap

Soaps with natural Coconut oils and enchanting fragrances. Find your natural soap according to your skin type.

Combine the well being of a soap that will leave your skin silky smooth with a soft subtle fragrance.

Many natural fragrances according to your preferences

Basic "Natural Soap"

Natural soap with a vegetable base and pure essential oils. High quality natural aromas with beneficial properties for the skin.

Sold in presentation boxes with 10 bars of natural soap and labelled separately inside. 

Natural soaps with eucalyptus, Himalayan salt, geranium, lavender... a total of 10 models available in stock. 

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