Air freshener

Car air freshener

Car air fresheners with clip-on for fixing to the ventilation grille. High quality fragrances ideal for scenting your customers' cars.

Offer these car scents to your customers, place them on the checkout line in full view of your customers, they will be a great success.

Take a look at our complete range in stock.

Ceramic Air Freshener

Ceramic diffuser for use with aromatic or essential oils. Simply add a few drops of scented oil and it refreshes the air while serving as a decorative element. 

Ideal for air freshening and decoration in the home or car. Take a look at the entire collection available in stock and dedicate a space in the shop as a display, they will attract the attention of your customers.

Cupboard air freshener

Air fresheners for cupboards and drawers, with hanging hooks, scented with lavender, lily, jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon or berries.

This small sachet is used as an air freshener for cupboards and drawers.

Sold in packs of 6 units, they are packed in a cellophane bag for individual sale, to protect and perfume them. 

Wonderful aromas, your customers will be delighted with this sweet smelling bag. It can be hung on the wardrobe rail or placed in a drawer and imbues everything with a pleasant fragrance. 

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