Mikados diffusers

Mikados Acorde 100ml

Cotton stick scented mikados, 100ml in different fragrances. 

Delicately sprays each piece evenly and consistently, as well as being a nice decorative detail. They are presented in a beautiful package, with a tester so that your customer can test the fragrance.

The fragrances are absorbed by the hair action of the sticks, releasing the fragrance continuously, elegantly and naturally into the atmosphere for several weeks.

The sticks should be rotated from time to time, to ensure a consistent intense fragrance. 

Diffuser set

This set of diffusers to be filled with scented oils will be a great attraction for your customers who can fill them with their favourite oils.

With simple and modern lines, these wooden diffuser kits are very useful for your customers, decorating as well as perfuming the house or office.

Mikados Difusor 50ml

Our 50ml natural stick diffusers are available in various fragrances.

They delicately perfume all your rooms in a uniform and constant way, while decorating your interiors.

The fragrances are absorbed by the capillary action of the sticks, releasing the fragrance continuously and naturally for several weeks.

You should alternate the sticks from time to time, to always have an intense fragrance.

They come in a beautiful package with a window that allows you to see the glass jar. 

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