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AROMATHERAPY - Natural Cosmetics

AROMATHERAPY - Natural Cosmetics


Today we are going to talk about Aromatherapy!

In recent years aromatherapy has become very fashionable. Is a natural medicine and is often preferred to other less natural treatments.

Aromatherapy has several branches and among them one of the most famous one are the essential oils with which you can create your own DIY beauty products.

All you need is a few drops of essential oil mixed with a base oilmassage oil or cream to create your own 100% natural, homemade cosmetics.

The benefits are different according to the oils used and its use, in inhalation, absorption, in a massage oil, in steam difuser, etc...

But be careful, it is very important to pay attention with essential oils because they cannot all be ingested and in very small doses, and they should never be applied pure on the skin.

We therefore offer you below a recipe to try, for a Moisturizing and Purifying FACE SERUM: 


Price of the recipe: 5,00 €.

Recipe difficulty: Beginner

Time to make the recipe: 10 min

Shelf life of the recipe: ~1 month


Coffee spoon

White measuring spoon 2 mL

10 mL graduated pipette


- Plant extract Organic aloe vera gel: 1 bottle 30 ml (30 g)

- Urea cosmetic active: 1 spoon 2 ml (1.6 g)

- Organic Sicilian lemon oil without furocoumarins: 10 drops


1/ Empty the bottle of aloe vera gel into a small bowl.

2/ Add the active urea and lemon essential oil to the bowl, then mix with a teaspoon to homogenise.

3/ Transfer the mixture to the bottle containing the aloe vera gel using the pipette.


Keep your bottle away from light and heat.

If well preserved and manufactured under optimal hygienic conditions, your product can be kept for at least 1 month.

Containing only 3 ingredients, this recipe for a moisturising face serum is very easy to make at home and allows you to obtain a natural care product with a controlled composition. 

This serum can be used every day before your day and/or night moisturizer or skin care oil. It is suitable for all skin types and conditions.


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