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ZENITUDE - Incense, Tibetan Bowls...

ZENITUDE - Incense, Tibetan Bowls...

We will relax with a small session of Tibetan bowls with a soft aroma of the best incense from India and a subdued light.

Practice the Om with our Tibetan bowls that you can even choose according to the Chakras you want.

For a cheap trip to India we offer you a multitude of incenses, each more fragrant and bewitching than the last. If you know a little about incense you will recognise the best brands in the world such as Goloka, Nag Champa, Satya...

And to harmonize all this, the luminosity is very important. Sunlight is the most natural and beneficial for our energy balance.

If you are indoors, there is nothing better than installing a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air around you and to take advantage of its soft, subdued light which will not attack you like a normal lamp.

Do you feel your body and mind relax?

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